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Military Bandpass Filter 1064nm

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1064nm military infrared bandpass filter

1064 nm military infrared bandpass filter, mainly used in laser range finder, missile bomb guide head.

1. Principle

The interference of light is the basic principle of optical coating. After the surface of the optical component is coated, the light is reflected and transmitted multiple times on the film layer to form multi-beam interference, and the refractive index and thickness of the film layer are controlled, and different intensity distributions can be obtained to form the optical transmission or reflection light of a specific wavelength that we need.

2. Product.

The high-performance narrow-band infrared filter produced by Kingki has a spectral coverage range of 780nm to 5000nm. The product has long life, no drift, high transmittance, deep cutoff, high quality and low price.

(1064nm military infrared bandpass filter)


BP1064, FWHM=15nm, T>=90%


BP1064, FWHM=23nm, I0+-15°, T>=90%


The laser semi-active homing guide is configured to separate the attacking warhead from the "laser target indicator" used to direct the target. When attacking, first use the laser target indicator to illuminate the laser beam from the ground or in the air. The "seeker" at the front end of the aggressive warhead that launches or launches captures the laser light diffused back from the target surface, and controls and guides. The warhead strikes the target until it hits the target and blows up the target. Because the directionality of the laser beam is excellent and the divergence angle is extremely small, the laser-guided weapon has a very high hit accuracy, which can be said where to play.

4. Company's strength

Kingki has long been responsible for the research and production of military optical coatings. The chief engineer has more than 40 years of military optical coating experience, 33 national authorized patents, and nine scientific and technological achievements won the People's Republic of China Science and Technology Progress Award.

Kingki has a high-end factory building of 4,000 square meters, 13 sets of advanced coating machines and complete test equipment, with the ability to mass produce high-end optical filters.

Kingki's wide range of products, excellent performance, quality and cheap, prompt delivery.

5.Demand table

band pass filters























The earliest antireflection coatings were on glass for use in the visible region of the spectrum. As shall become apparent later, a single-layer antireflection coating on glass, for the center of the visible region, has a distinct magenta tinge when examined visually in reflection. This gives an appearance not unlike tarnish; indeed, in Chapter 1, we mentioned the beneficial effects of the tarnish layer on aged flint objectives, and so the term "bloom," in the sense of tarnish, has been used in this connection. The action of applying the coating is referred to as "blooming" and the element is said to be "bloomed."

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